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Hey - been a lurker here for a few years and thought I'd make a few comments regarding my recent purchase.

I had a very early 04 V8 - fully loaded which served me well after sorting through the initial electrical issues that seemed to plague so many here. When the 06 V10s had the huge rebates, my father got one of those, also with Nav/Lux/Air. This past weekend, I just traded in my 04 V8 (some dealers wouldn't even take it in a trade as the market for SUVs is that bad) and picked up an 08 V10 with everything but the locking rear differential (never used it on the 04) and the safety package that has shown up on a few late 08s...

So I've spent the Thanksgiving break (I'm a college student) examining the two V10s side by side, both silver on anthracite, noting some of the differences, improvements, and weaknesses between the two cars. I have a few questions that hopefully one of you might know about, and hopefully, I'll be able to provide some useful info for everyone else. Most of the info probably won't surprise anyone (differences in old body/new body).

MFI - the new 08 MFI clearly is superior to the 06/04 version. The 04 had a consistent low tire pressure warning light (replaced modules multiple times), the 06 has been pretty good although I believe the hardware was the same in the old body style. The 08 uses new TPMS sensors that seem to be more accurate.

Nav - the 04 was CD based, the 06 dvd based, and the 08 is also dvd based. The 08 shows street names just like the 06, unlike the 04. The 08 has a different color scheme than the 06, but I'm not sure if this is firmware related or a different iteration of the MFD2. The 08 also has Sirius radio, which I've activated, but the reception has been pretty spotty. I'm not sure if that's because I'm in a residential area, but the Nav shows a "Linking" error anytime the audio cuts out. I'm probably going to head to the dealer to get the Sirius module replaced or antenna relocated. Any one know where that antenna is?

The interior seems identical except for the push button start/stop. The new MFI told me that multiple keys were found in the car when I drove it home from the dealer (not sure if the older cars had this ability).

The 04 and 06 came with 18s, while the 08 came with 19" Terra wheels, like the ones in the ClubTouareg banner on the top right of this page. The Terra's are on Goodyear Eagles, like the 06, while the 04 had Conti's. The Terra wheels are slightly convex, and I've already nicked them on the curb outside of our house (very high curbs). This never was an issue with the 04/06 wheels.

The 06 and 08 drive similarly, except the steering wheel is much "looser" on the 06 than on the 08. It seems as though I need to rotate the steering wheel more on the 06 than on the 08 to make the equivalent turn.

The new side mirrors, although bigger, have proven to be quite annoying as the increased height seems less useful than the apparent decreased width that I'm accustomed to.

The A/C on the 08 seems much weaker than on the 06 or 04. This may just be a problem with the vehicle I guess. When I increase the fan level on the 08 to Max, the blowers barely blow, while on the 04 V8 or the 06 V10, it's like a hurricane. Could the fan motor be dead?

Can't think of anything else, questions and/or thoughts are appreciated!

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good insight on the changes. 08s dont come with the wooden steering wheel here.
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