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08 Touraeg headlight assembly replacement

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I am having major issues with my headlights. Headlight went out so I purchased new H7s. Opened it up to find nothing but bare copper wire. The headlights are now draining my battery. So I have to get a jump everyday. So I am now looking to replace both LH and RH headlight assemblies but I'm not sure I am looking for the correct part. My headlights have both the H7 halogen bulbs and the D1S HID bulbs. They are priced quite differently. The headlight assembly w/HID is anywhere from 350.00 and up. Where as the headlight assembly with halogen bulbs is about 150.00. I am just trying to make sure I order the right part and don't end up just giving my money away.
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Are you saying that your currently installed headlight assy's have both a halogen and an HID bulb installed in them, or are you saying that those are the two optional assy's available?
If you remove your headlight assy's there should be a part # on each of them.

My currently installed headlight assemblies have both kinds of bulb. I have removed them and found the part # but I am still having issues with which ones I need.
It's really unfortunate that German manufacturers spec'd "biodegradable" wiring in their headlight assemblies (I have the same problem too), and it's probably too late to take any sort of action about it now. However, have you looked into repairing the wiring, either yourself, which is not an easy job, or professionally, which, although may be costly, but would probably still be cheaper than buying new assemblies.

🤣 Funny you ask.. I attempted trying to repair the wiring myself. Honestly it was just to much. I got most of the wiring out from inside of the housing but couldn't quite get 1 of the fasteners or the main plug out. I'll attach pictures.

So I wonder if I purchase new assemblies that are halogen only can I take the ballasts and whatnot off of my current lights and upgrade the new ones to be halogen and hid?

What are you planning on doing to fix your headlights?


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