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08 Touraeg headlight assembly replacement

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I am having major issues with my headlights. Headlight went out so I purchased new H7s. Opened it up to find nothing but bare copper wire. The headlights are now draining my battery. So I have to get a jump everyday. So I am now looking to replace both LH and RH headlight assemblies but I'm not sure I am looking for the correct part. My headlights have both the H7 halogen bulbs and the D1S HID bulbs. They are priced quite differently. The headlight assembly w/HID is anywhere from 350.00 and up. Where as the headlight assembly with halogen bulbs is about 150.00. I am just trying to make sure I order the right part and don't end up just giving my money away.
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The H7's are the turning lights only. Your headlights are HID's.
They make a brush on insulation, I wonder if that would be feasible?
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