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Hi guys,
Im looking to install an amplifier and sub to my touareg. Ive looked at other posts but cant find one detailed enough. My biggest question is how would i go about bypassing the stock amp. I have 11 speaker system with the standard non-nav headunit. I was thinking of installing a 5 channel amp for the for door woofers and a sub, but since we already own a 4 channel amp and i may just power the front two + sub.

Is it possible to wire tap at the headunit or at the amp output only ? Beacuse i would need the front centre, hi’s/mids and rear mids to run off the stock amp too.

Id also like to install a cheap Bluetooth single din headunit which would supply some rca to the amp to make things easier.

Ive found the touareg wiring manuel if anyone can make sense of it.
Cant seem to upload it in here though


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