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I got a chance to test the TREG's AWD capabilities a couple of weeks ago when we had a light snow here in the south. Unfortunately, on the way to work, instead of the tire pressures showing in the display, I see a Consumer's Electronics message. Then I noticed the battery symbol illuminated and the volt meter indicating 11.5 volts. I turned around, made it back home, and drove my Mustang to work. Called the dealer and he sent a roll-back to pick up the VW. The next day he calls and informs me it needs a NEW ALTERNATOR, which according to him will take 2 to 8 weeks to import from Germany. This is after it had been in the shop three times for an engine stutter at morning startup:mad:. They replaced the #6 coil pack for that, eventually. (I switched to 87 octane and the stutter quit and it runs fine now.) This V6 vehicle only has 23K on it (w/ new tires already).
First the good stuff: It only took a week to receive the alternator.:)
I enjoyed my '77 VW Scirroco (the '79 model sucked, so I didn't trade):). I drove my '01 Jetta TDI for 115K with no problems before trading it.:)
Now the bad stuff: Why does VW not warehouse parts in the U.S.?:mad:
Why, after 4+ years of production, doesn't VW have their electrical problems resolved?:mad:
And the worst, why should I have to DEPEND on a FORD when I have all that "great" German engineering sitting at the dealers?:mad::mad:
Oh, the alternator mount did break on the '77 Scirroco, but w/ a piece of roadside wood I managed to make it work long enough to get home.
Engineering courses paid off.
Has anyone had similar problems w/'08 or newer models' alternators/electrical systems?
Like they say, "Nice car when it runs".
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