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as the title states, i have an 06 4.2 with 220,000 km on it. have had various issues since i got it at 200,000 but the most recent one has me stumped..
went to hop in and go and it would not shift from park (still wont without manually releasing it in the console and then it shifts VERY HARD), instead gave an error saying "brake failure stop engine" upon initial investigation: the pedal feels fine while off (very firm, minimal travel) when on, its excessively boosted. brake fluids not discoloured or low to suggest that its burnt or just degraded. upon digging a little deeper i have noticed that the engine has excessive vacuum for some reason. it has the vacuum cups at the front of the motor sucked right in. after going around and around the motor with a spray bottle and water and my stethescope, i have been unable the determine a source of a leak. playing with the pcv did not have any affect except that it did raise the idle when disconnected.
the only things ive noticed are different are: i can here a "girggling" sound in my tranny, like theres vacuum in there that i never noticed before, but i havent been able to source a vacuum line on it as of yet. second, my flex pipes gone on the passenger side but it has been for a few months while i saved for a new one (which just arrived) i have been getting a "cam advance error, over advance bank 2" for a while, which i just attributed to the flex pipe being gone on that side

any ideas?
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