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'05 V8 Touareg Service - Alaska

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This post is a general note more or less about my experience with my NTM Touareg and our local VW Service Provider - Morrison Auto. I don't really have a question - but if anyone has comments, please feel free to share.

Two weeks ago I bought an '05 v8 Touareg with 56k on it. I also picked up the the Vehicle One (GMAC backed) Premium Insurance.

A few days ago the engine check light came on, rough idle and noticeable power loss and rough running at cruise rpm on my way to hockey. Using the forums here I figured coils and or O2 sensor. I pulled the coils and plugs, but didn't notice any corrosion and all 8 plugs looked like they should of.

I took it to our ONLY dealer (Morrison Auto) here in Anchorage. They were able to get it in the shop today. I asked them to diagnose the issues and perform the 60k service and to cut/program a second key.

The 60k service was quoted as $658 w/labor
They key was quoted as @ $200 (has to be ordered though)
and a few hours later they called with diagnosis.
The REAR O2 sensor is faulty and was quoted @ $350 w/labor
The Thermostat is sticking as was quoted @ $700 w/labor

If anyone has thoughts on the costs, please share. Shop rate here is $109 an hour. I expect the warranty will cover the sensor and stat minus deductible.
I'm okay with the 60k service (unless I hear otherwise). I do plan to match what they quoted me on the service to what the manual says just to see.

They did tell me the coils were covered by a VW TSB which has been well documented here.
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Alrighty - Just spoke with the Service Center.

The 60k service is done, the coils replaced (I'm led to believe) but there is a catch with the Thermostat and the O2 Sensor.

The adjuster for Vehicle One (my third party warranty) went by the shop to take a look. The service center had already cleared the codes and the check engine light was off. The adjuster said that they could not authorize repair because there was no service light and they could not verify the error codes...

The shop says I can come by and pickup the vehicle and to bring it back when the engine light comes back on and they can re-read the code, then call again for authorized repair.

Part of me says yeah, I understand no way to provide positive proof, the other part of me says a wait a sec. a reputable dealership makes the call and you're challenge it..

Oh well as long and I'm not hurting the engine - I'm happy. Just seems the way the world works now a days isn't quite right.
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So far...

Well about 10 days now after the 60k service with no real issues. There was a day where the Consumer Electronics shut off warning came on - but I have not seen it since. It could be time for a new battery.

In regards to the thermostat and the O2 Sensor... The stat is still sticking I think. Once in a while the temp will get up to 200 then back to 180 or so. No warning lights though.. No rough idle or check engine light as related to the sensor either. I'm still waiting for the service report in the mail to see exactly what they did.

A second key cost me $267.84 - and took about 1/2 hour to get done today.

All in all - everything is good.
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