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'04 V8 PPS pricing

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Well we decided to see what we could do as far as pricing goes for a '043 V8 PPS. MSRP 53k and change. They quoted 50k with a rather insulting trade $$$ amount on a '99 GS400 with all the options. Car is paid in full. Best offer was 19k and change for trade and 53k. We said 'thanks but no thanks' and hit the door after 1.5hrs haggling. What can I reasonably expect pricing for an '04? I was hoping somewhere around 49k. August has a 2k dealer incentive that I didn't even mention as I was so insulted with the trade offer. We are now looking into VW of Nashville as they have a long time relationship with their BMW side with my wife's family. Comments, input please? We really, really love this new ride but I don't want to give our Lexus away. Thanks for the input.

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Best way to buy; figure out exactly what you want in your Touareg, including color selections, interior colors and options. Send an email to the internet manager of the ten dealers closest to you. Wait for their offers to come in.

If you still don't get satisfactory pricing, find more dealers. There is always a few that are willing to deal.
I have not done it myself but have several friends that got great deals on different vehicles by using
pricing exercise ; spockcat

Thanks spockcat. Never really considered that. We are interested in a V8 PPS, 19" wheel with park assist. White with tan interior. The last part is the hardest as the tan is apparently, very, very popular. The Nashville connection might prove to be a new route. Wife's dad has purchased 12-14 BMW's through the now, BMW-VW dealer there. They are anxious to do business with him in any form so it could prove to be quite positive. We'll see. In the mean time, I suppose that the internet route would just fine. Kinda worred about getting a bad VIN (if such thing can be truly quantified). Thanks for the input. KBB (kelley blue book) said that the V8 optioned as we like it is commonly had at 49,394. A far cry from MSRP at our first experience. Any thoughts on that price? Thanks again.

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Be sure to tell them in your email that you are a serious buyer and are ready to buy right away if they have the right car at the right price.
I paid approx $50k for my V8 PPS in May, 2004, which was under MSRP. The local dealer in Fremont, CA recently ran an add for $6k under MSRP on ALL T-Regs in stock; and they have a lot of them in stock. Unless there is local scarcity, you should not be paying full MSRP at this point in the model year IMHO.
Hey guys new to the Forum just wanted to chime in with my experience. I just purchased a 04 off road Gray and Teak fully loaded (vin #83k), minus the 19” wheels and towing package for $400 dollars over invoice minus the (-) $2500 dealer hold back. MSRP $53255.00 Total I paid, before tax and fees $46300.00. Take Spockat advice and use the net as your friend I sent out four quotes online and within hours I had responses. It’s truly a great way to shop. Good Luck
internet pricing

How do you insure that you don't get one of the supposed evil early VIN's? Sounds like a good idea.

Wife's dad is a car guy. Anyway, has purchased (not kidding) 35+ vehicles from varied dealers in Nashville so he has some folks that would love to get him in a vehicle. Long story short, some of his general mgr. contacts feel that aren't a lot of, quote "trustworthy" folks, in the VW business. Not sure what this means, but I think its a ploy to try and get us into a BMW (from a BMW guy). I do have to say the purchasing experience we had yesterday sucked. I hate the 'let me talk to my mgr' crap. Ugh. BMW and Lexus never pulled that crap. :anger: I just like to talk to 1 person and 1 person only, talk, deal etc. but not the 'what do we have to do....blah blah blah' garbage that we heard. end rant.

Thanks for all the advice and input. I think we're going to get into one regardless....its just such a sweet ride. :joy: :joy: I'm like a kid looking forward to a new toy. The air ride is such a silly thing for us but I can't wait to pull up to a valet and set'er down for the wife to get out. \:D/
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try essentially, it is a quote service that utilizes the internet managers of its dealer network. the price you were quoted is waaaayyy too high unless your dealer is the only one within an hour of where you live.
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