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'04 Factory CD/Stereo

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This Stereo/CD player came with my 2004 VW Touareg V6. It played perfectly the last time I used it in my Touareg (which would have been summer of 2010). I replaced it because I wanted a stereo with bluetooth and auxillary/MP3 access, so it was replaced with a Kenwood aftermarket radio. I just sold my 2004 Touareg in September with the Kenwood aftermarket radio and have this left. Asking price is $125 + shipping costs. I live in New England. This is my very first post so I hope I did not do anything incorrectly.


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As of January 13, 2013, this item is still for sale if anyone is interested in buying.
Post a pic as per requirement of sales, otherwise nothing wrong with post

pics are attached to the original post as a PDF file. i attempted to post pics the "regular" way but they were too big. you can see the pics by opening the attached pdf file.
Sorry, I must not be able to see .pdf on mobile version. GLWS
hi, i am interested in you radio. I am assuming it comes with a code. I live in Chicago but can perhaps have a family member from NE pick it up from you, depending exactly where you live.

Hi, I know it might be off topic but could you please tell me what kind of Kenwood stereo you chose for your Touareg? Trying to have Bluetooth and all that stuff too. Thank you!
it was a kenwood excelon series...I believe the kdc-x895 or some variation of that. really important (which i didn't realize til AFTER it was installed...) is that while it allowed for hands-free bluetooth calling and also had auxillary input, it was not capable of bluetooth streaming (of music). this was a feature I assumed it had because it had bluetooth. radios made now might have that but if that is important to you make sure you find out whether the radio can actually STREAM MUSIC via bluetooth...merely the fact that it has "bluetooth capability" does not necessarily mean it has straming capability. I hope this is helpful and good luck in your search. the kenwood brand is excellent IMO.
When I bought my treg a single din Kenwood was already installed. Any single din will fit well. Did not have a bluetooth nor a usb port, just a simple radio/cd player with an aux.

Reception was really bad and AM did not come in at all. It had all proper wires and antenna. I guess many said that aftermarket radios will do that - give you poor reception (cd sound was amazing), someone said no one listens to a radio anymore, get xm or plug in an iphone. My reply was I do listen to NPR and it's free, he had no idea what that was. If you're going with a double din radio make sure measurements are ok, that it can fit through the metal frame up front (when you remove the oem radio the metal frame is smaller than the face of the oem so don't go by the facia size of oem) and enough room in the back for wiring.
I hope that answers your question.
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i also had crappy reception like Czarek's experience, but I agree CD quality was outstanding. and I had to have a kenwood spacer thingie (sorry to be so technical) to fit the stereo into the space where the factory radio used to be. if you take it to a place that does radio installs professionally they will tell you exactly what you need to properly fit your Treg.

This radio is still for sale for anyone who may be interested.

If you have the code we will take it!

Send us a pm
As of January 29, 2013, this item is still for sale if anyone is interested in buying.
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