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Hi everyone: I am hoping someone here can give me advice on what to tell AAA Customer Care on Monday needs to be done.
The two AAA service guys that came yesterday ostensibly to replace the battery AAA sold me 2.5 years ago said they can't replace it without removing it to test it and seeing the "replace battery" test result.
But they can't remove it for warranty replacement because whoever installed the battery for AAA stripped the connectors? (Are they called bolts? I'm guessing they're some kind of proprietary VW part that has a specific name?)
Apologies for my ignorance. I am not a car hobbyist -- that's my brother and he is on the other side of the country working. I'm not an idiot mechanically (can fix small appliances, pcs, the odd phone) but I'm hopeless with cars -- I can barely open my own hood!
It's very frustrating as this is the third time the battery failed in three months and instead of fixing the problem, it seems as if AAA has radically compounded it at a time when I am out of work due to illness. The service guys yesterday were super nice but the best they could do was take some pictures and advise me to open a case with customer care.
I thought I might communicate this issue better if I had some idea of what I was talking about!
Many thanks for your help. Best wishes, Amy View attachment 256822
That is the seat rail bolt for removing the seat. it is called a "TRIPLE SQUARE" bolt. Using the correct size will get it out, it doesn't look too bad from the photo.
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