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You need to remove the little plastic that sit's before the seat. Then it's an M10 Triple-Square bit
Exactly right. Also, to make it all easier, You need to move the seat forward once the two bolts in the floor are removed and incline the seat back as far forward as you can. If the battery is dead, they will need to hook up jumper cables to the Vehicle just for the power seats to work. The jump start lugs are under the hood, in front of the driver. See the manual for locations. There is a plastic cover with a plus and minus to help find them. You don't need to start the car. As you tilt the whole seat assembly back, if the seat bottom hits the bottom of the steering wheel, just move the seat bottom back a bit with the power buttons then once it can clear, move the seat bottom forward again so the whole assembly can tilt back. The more you incline the seat back and have the bottomw forward, the easier to remove the battery. Make sure they hook the vent tub for the floor heater and the battery vent/drain tube back up. As Touaregman33 said, you need an M10 triple square bit to remove the floor bolts. Not an Allen, not a Torx, not anything else. A triplesquare. Its easy when you know how.
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