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xenon lights

  1. HID/Xenon nooby questions

    Touareg Exterior Mods
    Hey all, I am a relatively new owner of 2005 Touraeg with the xenon HID head lights. After doing some reading it sounds like everybody knows that these headlights suck. Right now my fog lights are brighter than then my actual headlights... SO as a nooby does, I went to the auto part store to...
  2. Changing lights (xenon) both pins broken

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi, I have a flickering xenon light so I was about to replace the bulbs when I found that both the pins are broken so there is no way to attach the tool. Anyone dealt with this themself, my plan B is to tear down the whole front to access the locking mechanism from some other angle but since...
  3. For Sale: Xenon Headlamps 04-07

    I have 2004-2007 VW Touareg Xenon/Hid Left and Right used factory Oem head lights . These lights do come with xenon components, bulbs, ballast unit and igniter wire. Left headlight is missing Light bulb door. Lenses are clean minor scratches with No Haze. On the back all the tabs are in...
  4. Xenon headlight question

    General Maintenance & Repair
    this may seem to be an extremely stupid question. I am the new owner of an '05 V8 Treg. I have a light on my dash indicating "DRL"-Daytime Running Lights, I believe. These are supposed to be on, but is the message normal? When I look at my headlight assembly, the 2 main light bulbs are obvious...