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  1. Want to Buy: 09/10 v6 TDI with Air Suspension and Nav

    This is a slightly duplicative post - sorry, couldn't figure out how to edit my old post. Anyhow, looking for a fully loaded example. Not too picky about color, but I do need air suspension and nav. Trying to keep it around 50-60k miles, but I'll entertain whatever is available.
  2. Want to Buy: 2008 V10 Touareg

    Add me to the list of people looking for a V10. I think I'll be on the hunt for a while, here's what I am looking for: 2008 V10 Touareg Options: Lux Plus, Technology, hitch (they all seem to be loaded anyway?) Color: Galapagos with Sienna or Anthracite interior (will consider Alaska Gray...