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    Hi all, I have a set of Cayenne wheels for sale in very good condition, no curb rash or gouges. Bought them to use on my '12 TDI so I'd have more options for all terrain tires (my stock wheels are 19") but ended up deciding not to go the all terrain route. They currently have a set of...
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    I am selling a set of wheels used for a winter tire setup on my 2014 Touareg TDI R-Line. wheel width: 20 x 8.5 bolt pattern: 5 x 130 offset: ET 40 hub bore size: 72 The wheels are in good condition with some signs of use, but the tires need to be replaced. Current tires on the wheels are...
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    I have a set or 4 Wheels/ rims to sell. They are in Great shape as they were cleaned up and repainted a while back to remove all scrape marks.:nerd: They are Dolomit alloy Wheels 21 x 9.5J as seen in the photos( sorry if these are upside down I cant see how to correct that) I am willing to...
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    Bought these off the forum for $1700 3 years ago, with like-new tires. I'm going to end up taking the buy back on my Treg so I put the OEM wheels back on and am going to pass these along hopefully to someone here. The tires have just enough tread left to likely pass inspection, but new tires...
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    Full set of 19" Terra wheels, including TPMS and center caps. Some curb rash on a few wheels in varying degrees. Tires are near end of life. Prefer local pickup/delivery around Raleigh, NC, but shipping is an option as well. $500 obo
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    Bit of a long short but I am on the hunt for some 5x120 17 inch alloys
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    Used but in fair condition. Set of 4 OEM Volkswagen Canyon Wheels. Will also fit Porsche Cayennes and I believe the Audi Q7. Does not include centercaps or tires. Volkswagen Part No. #7L6601025B Z31 Diameter: 17" Width: 7.5" Offest: 55mm Centerbore: 71.5mm Lug Pattern: 5x130mm Weight: 28lbs...
1-7 of 8 Results