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water leak

  1. 2010 Roof Leak near Map Lights

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I've seen a number of threads here regarding leaks near the sunroof and I wanted to share my experience thus far: I have water getting into the headliner near the map lights/sunroof controls. Let me cover my symptoms in case any of you have similar issues: 1) Water appears at the seams of the...
  2. HELP, water leak on passenger floor!!

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I have a terrible water leak on the front passenger floor. It only appears on rainy days. I can hear water swishing around in the passenger door. The VW dealership pulled a plug last winter and we thought it fixed it but it has come back now that we are receiving heavy rain. I have no clue where...
  3. door sill removal

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I'm dismantling the interior of my Touareg to find a water leak. It's coming down the rear door pillar on the passenger side and soaking the carpet. I've been through all of the drain cleaning processes recommended without success. Fun anyway. The water ends up on the deck under the rear seat so...
  4. Hard Cornering results in dash water leak

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I just got a '04 V8 Touareg. While driving it home I got off at an offramp with hard cornering to the right, noticed about a cup of water spilled on my right foot. Liquid did not smell like antifreeze, just water. Any ideas where this would come from and what is leaking? I looked under the...