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  1. Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    So i have a 2021 CR7 Black Edition. I see multiple threads about unlocking Video In Motion, however, how do you even play a video?? Does it need to be loaded to SD card and viewed that way? I can't see any options on the display for anything relating to video Thanks in advance
  2. Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    2009 T2 TDI: When the car is turned on, the VW splash comes on the Nav screen. Then it just goes black. The screen sits like this for a few minutes and then the process starts again. I never get to see the Nav. The radio doesn't work at all. Nothing. Dealer says the "head" unit is dead---shorted...
  3. Asia
    I came across this video and then searched the forum for it but didn't see it here. Pretty nice to watch except for the horrifying car-wash scene... That's going to give me nightmares. Volkswagen Touareg - A Journey Beyond on Vimeo To make it more interesting mute the sound and play some low...
  4. Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I notice in the manual for the 2011 Touareg there are screens for the NAV Media showing a "TV" input. I assume this is a non-US item, but it begs the question - is there some sort of video input available to the RNS-850 that could be jacked in?
  5. Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Hello all, I have an electronic device underneath my seat with many connections, it looks like the back of car radio. I'm just wondering if it is something that the previous owner has put on or that it comes with the vehicle. If you guys have it or know what it is, please share your knowledge.
1-5 of 7 Results