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  1. VAG-COM
    Hi all. On my commutes (mostly to and from work) I often set my cruise control to 55 mph or 60 mph (sometimes 65). Sometimes if there is traffic or I get a red light, I slow down. Often it happens that by the time I slow down to 40-45mph the light turns green or the traffic clears up and it is...
  2. Drivers Lounge
    Post any improvements through VCDS that you have done? Was the improvement worth it? First improvement through VCDS I am going to do is DVD video while in motion.
  3. General Maintenance & Repair
    In the process of figure out me driver door MFI always open error, i ran a full scan. I know i have a burnt out plate bulb, and the ACC flaked out when winter started, the rest, i'm not sure about. There isn't a CEL on, just the bulb out warning, but the AirBag error has me worried. Just a...
  4. Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    Sorry, let's pose this as a question: In the Auto mode, does the Touareg lower itself at all during a highway cruise? Seems logical for better economy. If it doesn't, aside from switching to Sport (and dealing with the rougher ride) - is it possible to enable such a function via the VAG-COM?
  5. Classifieds
    VAG-COM Diagnostic Tool with HEX-USB+CAN Interface. Used once two years ago. I have sold my 2011 Touareg and have no need for it. $290 shipped via USPS Priority. Paypal as payment please.
  6. General Maintenance & Repair
    Hey all, I'm the market to buy a VAG-COM. From what I understand (and it's exceedingly difficult to get any information on this thing and how it works, even from the manufacturers website!) it's basically just a cable that I plug one end into the Touareg and the other in a laptop. Install the...
  7. VAG-COM
    Okay. I would like my headligts to come on when I unlock the car with the remot keyfob. I guess thats what coming home light is. Now only the interior lights lit up when I unlock the car. 2003/3,2 V6/Steel coil/RNS 2 CD/ Adress 09: Elektron. elcentral Labels: 7L6-937-049.lbl...
  8. VAG-COM
    As the owner of a new 2012, I want to be able to tweak my Treg as much as possible. Not finding a whole lot of Vag adjustments out there, I contacted Ross-Tech, and they had me run a scan and send the results to them. There were a whole bunch of label files that they hadn't yet seen. Which...
  9. VAG-COM
    My auxiliary heater in my 2006 V10 attempted to turn on a couple of times this past winter. Smoked a bunch but wouldn't light and shut itself down after several attempts at lighting. In VCDS the codes say failure to ignite and that it is now locked. I've done the research and want to...
  10. VAG-COM
    Does anyone know if re-programing certain things, like the seat belt chime, is possible without the use of a VAG-COM? I was recently told that this type of programing exists for other makes of cars: How to Disable / Enable Ford's BeltMinder - 1997 - 2003 Trucks Has anyone heard of anything...
  11. General Maintenance & Repair
    I've had vw's for a few years now but just bought my first Touareg. It's a 2007 with a pretty hefty amount of miles on it (66,000). I was just wondering if anyone had some advice on maintenance that should be done to ensure it performs well. I was also looking for advice on what I should...
  12. VAG-COM
    This isn't a specific thought regarding the use of the VAG-COM module as much as it is needing someone to donate theirs for a couple of minutes. I'll be taking a roadtrip across the country, traveling from South Dakota to Florida to relocate my family before mission dictates that otherwise. As...
  13. VAG-COM
    Just bought a 2006, V6, US model (here in Canada). Before I buy a VAG-COM I need to know if my car has a CAN interface or an older OBD II? Is there a VIN number after which the interface was upgraded? Thank you,
  14. General Maintenance & Repair
    My buzzer, which i have yet to Vag off. Has now jumped up 3X on the extremely annoying scale. It sounds like its going bad, but seems silly for me to allow a repair shop to fix it/replace it, when i dont want it. Whats the chances a independent shop will Vag it for me vs replace that buzzer...
  15. VAG-COM
    Now I am tired. I have downloaded the internet to a cd-rom and searced all over it. Ok had to squeeze it a little to get it all in but still cannot figure out how or if I can get the phone connector to work. Is it just to put a cradle in the connektor at the dash and then it works? Or is it a...
  16. VAG-COM
    The purpose of this thread is for users to post the output scans from your Touareg2 using the VAG-COM. We can use the information to compare controller codings and to gain insight to new coding options for our vehicles.
1-16 of 17 Results