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vag-com key-usb interface

  1. For Sale: Ross-Tech HEX-USB+CAN (Unlimited VIN) + 2010 Treg Aspherical Side Mirrors + Others

    Selling the following items used with/pulled from my 2010 TDI VW Touareg, which has since been sold back to VW due to Dieselgate. All vehicle-specific parts below are for that vehicle, but it's possible they *may* be used on other cars from the same generation. It's your call on whether they...
  2. For Sale: VAG-COM KEY-USB Interface

    For Sale: VAG-COM KEY-USB Interface I sold my 2005 VW Treg and my 2001 Audi S4 recently.... so I have no use for this rarely used cable. I say rarely because I'm not mechanically inclined. $150 including shipping in US.