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  1. 2015 passenger side LED lower strip daytime running light changed to amber color?

    General Maintenance & Repair
    So I just noticed today that just my passenger side DRL lower LED light is not white, it's an amber color? Does this mean something went bad on the light?? I have a VAGCOM and have no errors for headlights. I did recode the LED lights to stay on with turn signals, but that was 6 months ago...
  2. Raleigh VAG-COM

    Hey all, anyone in the Raleigh North Carolina area have a VAG-COM and would be willing to help me out on a few things? I don't have the adapter nor do I have a PC laptop as I have a Mac laptop. I would be willing to throw some cash at you for the use and help. It would be a big help! I am kind...
  3. 093 cam bank2 data missing

    Gas/Electric/Hybrid/Powertrain | V6, V8, W12, FSI
    I have 05 4.2L it has a code for 17755 for the cam chain. I under stand that its most likely the chain. My question is when I am looking at VCDS in group 093 it does not show the phase position for bank2 does any one know why that might be. See the snapshot below, the very bottom shows phase...
  4. For Sale: For sale: Ross-Tech VCDS Hex-USB+CAN

    Bought new directly from Ross-Tech - used once to enable vim on Touareg. No longer need since i no longer have a Touareg. Superb condition, with no issues whatsoever. Paid $367.70 (w/ shipping). Sell for $298 shipped Continental US. Prefer USPS money order or PayPal (add 3% for fees). Thanks...
  5. Married with children's an a Touareg

    New Member Introductions
    Hi everyone, I am new in this Forum. I am from Quebec, Canada. Married with young children's. I am a German car enthusiast. Probably becausea at the age of 17 I bought my first car and it was a used bmer 318i 1984. I remember my father telling me not to buy it because of the expensive...
  6. Tyre Pressure/VAG-COM HELP!

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Just had my vehicle serviced at local VW, afterward the Tyre pressure warning light came on. Called, said I should fill tires and code would clear. Tires definitely needed the air but code still there. Then he explained that I must be missing a fuse suddenly. Thoughts? Ideas? Really hoping...
  7. VAG COM - no responce from controller

    Hi All .. sorry in advance if this question has already been asked or posted but i'm neebie to my touareg and this site .. i bought a 2004 V8 touareg recently with a few things like key remote not working (battery i already replaced) and service interval warning coming up decided i would...
  8. VAG COM diagnostic in Dubai, U.A.E ?

    Dear friends, Does anyone can help me with a VAG COM. I am from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Thanks and Regards, Rashid
  9. Looking for VAG COM in Pitt just traded up from 2006 to 2012!

    Yep! You heard right! I've been away for a while from the site but I picked up a 2012 Sport with Flint over Anthracite and the tow package. I love it! Actually happy this one comes without a sunroof because I never use them in the cars I have and that shade doesn't do the best job at...
  10. For Sale: Vag com for sale

    Hello I have a slightly used KEY-USB Vag com cable for sale. I purchased it from Ross-Tech and it works great. However my Touareg is gone. I will let it go for the best offer above $50. I will pay shipping and insurance as well. Email is [email protected] Thanks