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  1. General Maintenance & Repair
    This past week my check engine light came on in my 2006 V8. I immediately checked out the light and it was a P2181 code, which if I'm not mistaken is a general engine cooling system degraded message. Coolant is topped off and water pump seems to be functioning correctly. I can feel fluid flowing...
  2. Touareg Reviews
    My wife has a RX330 (V6) and I just got my V8 Touareg. Outside the vehicle the Touareg is longer. Sit in the vehicles and the first thing I notice is that the Touareg is wider. Right now the I think both cars are the very similar. Start the engine. Lexus RX330 only comes with a V6. When I...
  3. General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi everyone! Just bought a 2004 V8 about 2 weeks ago and am quickly learning why everyone loves theirs. It is a blast to drive, especially with the air suspension. It's nice to be able to go from a nice, comfortable ride to a stiffer, sporty ride in seconds! I've been reading the forums for...
1-3 of 3 Results