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  1. General Maintenance & Repair
    Does any familiar EGR issue on CATA engine in 2009 Touareg TDI? EGR been on and off but now this moment engine light been on since few days ago.
  2. Drivers Lounge
    This isn't a technical question but more of a weird story and request for advice about dealing with VW USA. My 2013 TDI (~53,250 miles) has had a small coolant leak now for about a year. With COVID we haven't been driving it much at all but on May 10th I took back to the VW dealer in Santa...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi, I just joined. I got my 2008 v6 touareg 2 two years ago and it's served me well, always starting even in minus 15! It got me out of the huge 2 ft snow drifts the winter before. I am hoping it's possible to tow a double horse trailer with it, wondered if anyone knows. I am a Brit in the USA...
  4. Australia & New Zealand
    Hi guys, been looking at buying various parts like filters, brake pads, ignition coils, plugs, triple square bits etc etc from shops in the US but an having problems finding ones that deliver to Australia directly. Any recommendations? Just been quoted $600 -$750 for my next service including...
  5. Ipod And Aux

    still debating where to put things
  6. Ipod And Aux

    still debating where to put things
  7. Ipod And Aux

    probably do sat radio in the ashtray as done before, and put the ipod in the center console
1-7 of 7 Results