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  1. Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I recently bought a VW touareg 2006 and the head unit seems very basic, I have been looking to upgrade to something with bluetooth, sat nav, and possible touch screen but not essential. I want all the buttons, on the steering wheel to still work. And was hoping someone on here as done something...
  2. Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    hey everyone I have a 2006 touareg and I'd like to upgrade the head unit to a bluetooth system, preferably with a screen. Does anyone have any suggestions about where to buy a used VW head unit or one that'll fit my car?? Located in Australia :)
  3. Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Anybody ever tried or looked into upgrading their backup camera? I have a 2015 TDi and the camera is definitely less than impressive. I thought maybe I could get one from a wrecked Q5/7 or Cayenne and just swap it out. I would assume the wiring harness is probably the same, just a nicer camera...
  4. My Stealth Audio Upgrade

    Pictures of a stealthy audio upgrade done to my 2017 Touraeg (Wolfsburg edition). Morel speakers purchased at Crutchfield, Alpine processor, amp, and remote controller purchased at Best Buy, and Treg specific sub enclosure purchased at
  5. Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    How do I find a suitable mobile phone to connect to my 2005 V6?
  6. Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I currently have a 2004 2.5L D Touareg with the CD based navigation head unit with a multi disc changer in the boot. I have been very interested in the android based upgrade linked from Allen Wong's posts but a little put off by the potential loss of sound from some speakers resulting from the...
  7. Drivers Lounge
    I'm buying my first Touareg (2009 3.0TDI) tomorrow :cool: it will also be the first time I have owned a Sat Nav so am totally ignorant of it's ways (that is until I get hold of the manual and swat up). But I've realised I forgot to check what version of the mapping it has and the dealer has...
  8. Diesel Engines | R5, V6, V8, V10, R50 TDI
    Hi Guys, This is my first post, but I've read many others on this forum. I've had my 07 V10 TDI for almost a year now as my daily driver. I did a lot of research and chose an '07 with about 70K miles and purchased a 4 year 48K mile bumper-to-bumper warranty. (**Side Note- DO NOT BUY A V10 TDI...
  9. Touareg Exterior Mods
    Hi All! So it's time for me to get some new tires (I'm about to make a cross-country trip, and the Pirelli's are close to kaput). I have the stock 17" wheels right now, but I would like to upgrade for a more fierce look. As far as getting bigger wheels, is this possible on my '06 V6? Am I able...
  10. Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Did anyone have experience with Touareg audio system upgrade to Dynaudio system? How and where can we order the Dynaudio system for Touareg? For Dynaudio system, I mean the Dynaudio Confidence system which is mentioned in VW Touareg marketing materials, not the Dynaudio suit such as Dynaudio...
  11. Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Hi There, I too was disappointed by the factory sound in my 2012 Lux TDI. So I tried to find an upgrade that: - was affordable - didn't affect the operation of the factory controls - didn't affect storage - was removable without sign it was there - sounded good. I ended up buying: - Alpine...
  12. General Maintenance & Repair
    Has anyone successfully updated 09 DVD navigation. A little scared to do given all the crazy electronic issues with these rides!
  13. Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Hi guys! I am a new owner to a 2004 V10 tdi. Wondered if I can upgrade the navigation system to something that would show current roads? I know it is a cd based navigation and just wondered what all I would need to do. thanks, Tricia
  14. Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Hey, new member here! :clap: This is both a qestion post and an intro post! Ordered a Night Blue V8 TDI Touareg earlier this week and didn't go for the 10 speaker upgrade option with a grand total of 640 watts. Should I upgrade or how good is the stock sound system with 8 speakers? I...
1-14 of 14 Results