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  1. 2011 T3 TReg - driver's door switches are dead... nothing works...

    General Maintenance & Repair
    My driver's side door electronics/switches are not working - driver's door and driver's side rear door - nothing works... window was slightly down and may have gotten water onto driver's switches/area :cry: I read the post with the guy looking for the 2011-2012 fuse diagram but he did not seem...
  2. For Sale: 2005 Black Treg on Dark Grey, V8, 4wheel Air, Diff Lock

    Well, I love this sight, I love my Treg but, I want a New Harley instead of a used one. This is one of the best SUV's I have ever owned. I have kept this thing in excellant shape. 78k, Perfect exterior/interior color combo, powder coated Athena's, after market nav unit with 2 Alpine amps running...
  3. Treg under Ol' Glory

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hey every one i just wanted to post a cool pic i took the other day and thought it was fitting with it being the 4th of July soon, hope everyone is still enjoying their Tregs.
  4. Treg At Home

    Treg At Home

  5. Treg At Home

    Treg At Home

  6. Treg At Home

    Treg At Home

  7. Dirty T Reg

    Dirty T Reg