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    I have an 04 6yl no air ride touareg for parts runs and drives .. interior rough, 17in tires, big brakes , no front bumper...Sell parts trade? im looking for wheels? rear locker? lets talk ..i live in north Alabama.
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    I am looking to replace my 19" wheels with 18" wheels. I will be traveling through WY, CO, NM, and UT in a couple of weeks, and would be willing to swap with anyone along the way. I've got 19" Atheos rims with TPMS. The current tires have just reached the wear bar and would need to be...
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    New here, and considering a 2010 TDi that has dealer installed 19" rims, tires have gone 4400 miles, I'd like to lower the cost of the Touareg so interested in trading the 19" rims for new/low mileage 17" rims and some cash... anybody looking to upgrade to 19". I can go past the dealer lot and...
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    Would anyone like to trade their Treg 2 taillights for a set of first gen taillights off a 2006 Treg v8? If not an even trade let me know how much you would like on top for a trade. Thanks