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  1. Liking the Toyo Open Country OPEN COUNTRY A/T III so far.

    Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    About the new Tires: 2013 Touareg VR6 Sport. Ran Pirellis on stock 18" rims since purchase. Going on car camping road trip and preparing the car for that. I rolled the dice on the new Toyo Open Country A/T III. So far I love them. No issues with on-road feel or noise yet. Drove them around in...
  2. For Sale: 18" Manhattan Wheels OEM Toyo ATII 265/65/18

    Feedback available on eBay "Kel-Tec-Innovations" eBay Feedback Profile for kel-tec-innovations Up for sell is a beautiful set of like new Toyo 265/65/18 A/T All Terrain Off road Porsche Cayenne Volkswagen VW Touareg wheel set with Tire Pressure Monitor Sensor. Perfect setup for off roading...
  3. For Sale: Karakum 18 Wheels + Toyo Versado Tyres - Sydney, AU$700

    ‘Karakum’ 8J x 18 inch alloys, with 255/55 R18 Toyo Versado CUV Tyres. Excellent condition - No scratches or dents Fits: Touareg, Porsche Cayenne, Audi Q7 Tyres: 60-70% tread I am assuming. Size: 18x8 Bolt Pattern: 130mm Offset: 53mm VW Part Number: 7P6601025C Like new in perfect...
  4. New shots in the "concrete jungle"

    Drivers Lounge
    I finally managed to get these new tires put on here. Went from a set of 255/55/18 Toyo Open Country HT's to a set of 265/60/18 Toyo Open Country AT2. I have to say that I'm pretty impressed with these tires so far. They're nearly silent on the road in the city as well as at speed and they...
  5. For Sale: 19" Terra wheels in Dallas, TX

    Hi, I am re-listing my wheels & tires for sale. I have now bought some 18" with Terra Grapplers so these need to go. Wheels are 19" Terra with Toyo Open Country in the OEM size (275/45/19) All tires have ~40% left on thread but one of them has a burst and will need to be replaced immediately...
  6. 22" Victor Equipment Lemans Bright Silver

    Classifieds Archive
    For sale $2100. 22" Victor Equipment Lemans Wheels in Bright Silver w 2" lip. Tires are Toyo Proxes 285/35/22 I have had these on for about 18 months. Some light curb rash on one of the wheels about an inch long. These ride really nice and my the truck handle much better than my stock tires. The...