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  1. Towbar and wiring for 2012

    Off-Roading & Towing
    Hi, new to the forum. Have just purchased a 2012 and need to put a towbar (for a horse float). I have seen a few older posts about the different types genuine vs HR and wiring issues etc. I have a redarc brake unit from my old car. Can you tell me what the best option is and costs near Sydney...
  2. WTB: trailer hitch

    Looking to purchase an OEM trailer hitch for a 2010 Touareg.
  3. Back-up Camera Problem

    Off-Roading & Towing
    I'm new to the forum and new to RVing. The Furrion back-up camera on my Grand Design Imagine 2150 only works intermittently (two seconds of a low signal strength image then ~30 secs. of no image) with the monitor in my 2016 TDI. Furrion says their products have this problem with many foreign...
  4. For Sale: OEM PN 7P1055203 - Electrical Installation Kit for Trailer Hitch

    I bought the kit from the dealer for my 2011, but sold the vehicle before installing it. Paid $398, Asking $300 OBO. Brand new. Has only been taken out of the box for pictures. Thanks for looking.
  5. 2015 TDI Towing setup - ball mount height

    Off-Roading & Towing
    Hi all I am a new owner of a 2015 Treg tdi Lux. Love it so far and am just getting it set up to tow my little Casita camper 17ft about 3500lbs loaded. Just added a Redarc controller. (will post pics if anyone is interested as it was a tricky install) Question about the factory specs on the...
  6. For Sale: Tow Hook mounted trailer hitch

    I designed and built a Hitch receiver that can be mounted through tow hooks. Receiver is 2". Look at the pictures to get an idea. I did not test it for towing, and using it will be at your own risk. However it might be suitable for Class I towing capacity. It will also work with any bike rack...
  7. Newbie: Max Length Travel Trailer

    Off-Roading & Towing
    Hey gang! We're brand new here. And, of course, have more than a few questions. We bought our '16 Touareg, V6 Exec, with the main purpose of pulling a travel trailer, given its large 7,716 lbs. of towing capability! We've just purchased a TT that is under the Touareg's max tow limit, but, is...
  8. Want to Buy: For Hire: Wiring harness installer for tow hitch

    Hi, I am low on options, so I thought I would post this here. I'm looking to hire someone (preferably someone who has had experience installing one of these) in the OC / LA area to install my wiring harness for the tow package. My treg didn't come with a tow package installed (ie, no...
  9. Suspension helper air bags

    Drivers Lounge
    I am towing a 6500# travel trailer that has a 600+ tongue weight with my touareg and using electric brake controller and weight distribution hitch but the suspension is still a bit lower in the rear and up in the front for my comfort, I am told a common way to fix this situation is with coil...
  10. Remove interior plastic .. towing electronics

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I'm planning to install an OEM hitch and OEM towing electronics on my 2012 V6. Can someone provide a link to a video that shows how to remove the interior trim panels in the right of the cargo area?
  11. Install Electric break controller wires?

    Off-Roading & Towing
    I went to my RV dealer looking for a travel Trailor. I do have the Trailor wiring installed on my car. He informed me that I must add an electric brake control in my vehicle. He was sayng that if I have this additional electric brake control added to my car it would void the warranty. Does...
  12. Just incase anyone needs to tow a sailboat...

    Off-Roading & Towing
    My TDI did a great job with a J/80. Total trailer weight was around 5k, plus four pax in the car. The real story is about the drag of all the rigging, etc. Managed 15mpg r/t between LA and San Diego. Just set the cruise at 65 and watched the miles tick by. Also, totally unscientific: But...
  13. First Time Towing

    First Time Towing

    First time towing with the Touareg, rented a trailer and loaded up with just over 200 sqft of sod.
  14. 2007 V10 Tdi Off-road Grey, Teak Interior

    2007 V10 Tdi Off-road Grey, Teak Interior

    Magnets not stickers, so as to keep value! Love the pulling power! Cant even feel a 22' boat!
  15. 2007 V10 Tdi Off-road Grey, Teak Interior

    2007 V10 Tdi Off-road Grey, Teak Interior

    Magnets not stickers, so as to keep value! Love the pulling power! Cant even feel a 22' boat!
  16. Touareg towing Freedom Express 282BHDS (GVWR - 7700lbs) - safe?

    Off-Roading & Towing
    I ended up getting the Freedom Express 282BHDS, which has a GVWR of 7700lbs, and dry weight of 5800lbs. The tongue weight is roughly 730lbs, but I have a weight distribution/balancing system on the hitch, which seems to help a lot. This trailer is 28 feet long (the actual trailer), and 3 feet...
  17. Tire question: Favorite tire and size for off road use?

    Off-Roading & Towing
    Planning to pick up a set of 17" wheels and mount some off road rubber. I don't have any huge ambition to become a hard-core 'wheeler, but I do see some muddy / snowy fire trails in my future (access roads for climbing / mountaineering). Anyhow, I plan to tow as well - so part of my plan was...
  18. Can a T2 TDI tow this sailboat?

    Off-Roading & Towing
    Trailer and boat combo is about 4800lb. The boat weighs around 2800lb, and about 1400lb of that is in the bottom 2' of the keel, which rides about 12" from the pavement. My primary concern is the surface area / windage. Also, I speculate the tongue weight is around 10%, but I'm not sure...
  19. For Sale: 2010 Florida (no rust) TDi Touareg **w. Fidelity warranty** 79,925;next stop AUCTION

    LATEST UPDATE- Minor coolant leak had the car in the shop for a few days - now has new pump; 250-dealer driven miles and they don't find a single fault!! So, she is back available for sale!! Does not want to end up in the Auction, but that is where the conveyor belt is moving as we near the...
  20. Using the rear camera while driving

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I am towing a trailer with my outdoor toys and want to inspect the tracking of the trailer behind the Touareg. Is there a way to turn on the camera to do this? Thanks.