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  1. Drivers Lounge
    Hi all, I have 2014 Touareg TDI R-line, sitting on 22" Rotifirms with 285/35/22 contis right now. The ride has been pretty stiff driving with 35's. Now that its time to change tires, i was thinking of changing size to 285/40/22 for better ride and more rubber. I asked the tech guy at 1010 tires...
  2. Classifieds
    Selling my T1 OEM inflatable Spare Tire/Tyre for VW T1. Good condition. Fits in wheel well under cargo floor cover. Shipping + handling cost on the buyer. Or cash and carry from Baltimore City.
    $75 USD
  3. Off-Roading & Towing
    My coworker offered me the stock 255/70/18 All Terrains off his Jeep Gladiator for dirt cheap, only issue is my car is completely stock & the general consensus is 265/65/18 is the largest you can run without rubbing on a stock T1. I looked around but could not find anyone really talking about...
  4. Classifieds
    Winter is around the corner....Porsche 18" wheels with Michelin Latitude Alpin 255/55/18 with about one season left on the tread. Wheels are 8JX18 with an offset of 57. Fit perfectly on my 2012 TDI Lux and 2017 Wolfsburg Treg, the latter which had 275/45/20 most of the year. Wheels have TPMS...
  5. Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    Hi All, First time poster, so I apologize if this has already been asked. I am currently running a 2012 TDI Execline with all season tires 275/45R20. I need to switch them to winter tires and was hoping to use an old set I have that are 235/65/R17. Does anyone know if these will fit? I am not...
  6. Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    Has anyone put on 265/60 R18 or 265/65 R18 rubber on their 18 inch rims and had good luck? No rubbing steering stop to stop at full suspension travel? Thanks for the help. I want to put on a good AT tire and the 255/55 R18 selection is poor.
  7. Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    After 10 years on ownership I am slowly started to really “mess” with this reg to get a little more out of her. ¿I want to know how big I can go before rubbing with some KO2’s with a rising tuning 40 mm lift? I have been running 245/70/17 KO2’s for the last 25k miles and have been happy with...
  8. Classifieds
    For sale is a Nokian Zline tire. Size 255/50/R19, brand new. I purchased it as a backup during March of this year, already have 4 same tires on my SUV and they are perfect. I will trade in my car so no need of this tire. Original price was about $140 with tax. Ask for $70. Local pick up around...
  9. Classifieds
    '09 TDI - Turning my baby in for the VWGoA TDI Settlement. Selling spare parts. Air Compressor for spare - $75 never used O.B.O. Never used. Located in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. Local sale is optimal but will ship at buyers cost.
  10. Classifieds
    '09 TDI - Turning my baby in for the VWGoA TDI Settlement. Selling spare parts. Spare Tire - $60 never used O.B.O. Located in Atlantic Highlands, NJ. Local sale is optimal but will ship at buyers cost.
  11. Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    I got four UVS2000, and successfully programmed those (actually cloned my OE sensors) at Costco for my 2013 Touareg (US version). I tried different independent shops before, most of them are using autel tool or old snap on tools, which are incapable of programming the huf universal sensor...
  12. Classifieds
    This was my full size spare. Never used. Wheel and tire are brand new and include the TPMS. Wheel: OEM VW 17" Tire: Yokohama 255/65 R 17 Price: $250.00 Location: Northern California, Sacramento Can ship, but prefer delivery/pickup.
  13. Classifieds
    I am looking to upgrade to 285/45/22 and will trade or sell. They are brand new, I have driven tops 300 miles on them. They are all 285/35/22 Winrun All Season XL. If we don't trade, I am looking for around $700
  14. Classifieds
    hey guys, i recently upgraded my rims to 22"S and am now selling my old stock 18s. I painted them gloss black about 2 months ago, paint is still pretty good. wheels have typical wear and tear, but all in all not bad. tires are Bridgestone Duler H/P sport AS 255/55/18 all season tires, very...
  15. Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    I'm wondering if anyone has experience with tire installers West of Denver in the Lakewood, WheatRidge, Golden areas? I'm looking to put on some Conti Extreme Contact DWS. TireRack indicates a couple of mobile installers that will come to my location, I've never done that before so I don't know...
  16. General Maintenance & Repair
    I just purchased the 2012 Executive Touareg to replace my 2004. 25k miles on it and the tires are pretty much shot. One thing I forgot to ask about when negotiating the price. Bummer. So I want to start researching now. The tire options for the 20" wheels are terrible. There are not all...
  17. General Maintenance & Repair
    Have been painfully debating what tires to get for my 2011 V6 (275/45/20). Have read all the old posts and reviews I could find and still am having a hard time. So this is your chance to tell me how much you love or hate a tire. I am really only driving city roads and highways. I'll take it on...
  18. Classifieds
    I am looking for a 19" Terra wheel for my V10, preferably with a tire and TPMS all ready installed. Needed as spare tire when towing, instead of the space saver spare wheel. Will also consider a set of 4 for winter tires.
  19. Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    I've been looking/searching around the forum and I can't seem to find a clear answer to this question - well, three questions really. I'm thinking about putting a larger tire size onto my 2012 TDI Touareg. On one site (1010tires, tire size calculator) there is a warning: I see many people on...
  20. General Maintenance & Repair
    I had a loud noise from the front left (driver), so after reading forums I decided cheapest thing to do was rotate tires. After the rotation the noise was same or worse. Again per forum instructions, I went to dealer for balance and alignment. Alignment got rid of the noise, however, dealer...
1-20 of 25 Results