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tdi 3.0 l
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  1. General Maintenance & Repair
    Hello all! First post here and new to the TDI family! I recently picked up a 2012 Touareg TDI with 160k miles on it and plan on keeping and taking care of it until it reaches double its current mileage. One thing that has been coming up lately is a howling/whining noise when I’m at speed. It...
  2. Diesel Engines | R5, V6, V8, V10, R50 TDI
    Does anyone know where I can purchase both Bank 1 and 2 swirl flap actuators for the intake manifold in the US? Please and thank you! I have searched both high and low and I am coming up empty. Any help would greatly be appreciated :D OEM #: 059 129 086 M
  3. Diesel Engines | R5, V6, V8, V10, R50 TDI
    Has anyone looked into doing an engine swap on a 3.0 V6 TDI to the 4.1 V8 TDI available in Europe? From the limited research I have done it looks like the transmission is the same but can’t validate. Also what additional items would need to be replaced in the swap, I assume new exhaust...
  4. Diesel Engines | R5, V6, V8, V10, R50 TDI
    Hey guys, Has anyone managed to fit a front mount intercooler on a T3 TDI? I've seen the thread with the W2A intercooler and found a Russian video for an A2A but they're both on T2. Is there any issue with removing the standard intake piping (namely the Y piece)? I seem to remember there's a...
  5. General Maintenance & Repair
    I have a 2010 TDI 3.0 and it’s got a stage 2 tune and full delete from tune my euro. It’s running rough and you can’t put into drive without it stalling and there’s no response when you rev the engine. These are the fault codes, anybody have any idea what it could be cause I’m stumped
  6. Diesel Engines | R5, V6, V8, V10, R50 TDI
    What is up, everybody? I have a '12 TDI Lux that I have been running for about 2 years now and am itching to make a few more upgrades in the coming months... I currently have a Malone Stage 2 flash and a yrktreg TCM installed. However, I still have all of the finnicky guts in place. I would...
  7. General Maintenance & Repair
    Greetings from Finland. This is my first post to this forum, so I would like to apologize if this is not done correctly. I have -06 V6 TDI Touareg, engine code BKS. My engine won´t start. I recently changed the high pressure fuel pump belt, the old one was totally without tooth. After the belt...
  8. New Member Introductions
    Hey boys! I've had a 2012 TDI for about 9 months now (first VW and Diesel at that)... bought with 40k. Any new ownership info to know is welcomed! I treat it like a baby but I’ve heard to run it at high temps to clear the "regen" reservoir. Also told in relation, small commuter trips is the...
  9. General Maintenance & Repair
    Bought my second Treg back in late February, decided to buy a certified '15 TDI LUX. Love the car, massive improvement from my 08 v6, still loved that car. Came from my '15 Lexus GS350 Fsport AWD, miss it every single day, sadly the car just wasn't big enough for work and fun. Lexus service...
  10. Classifieds
    Up for sale is: 3 fuel filters - Vaico brand part number: 7L6127434 (Run about $28 a piece) 1 Wheel Bearing (front) SNR (Same as NTN) part number XGB 40900 p run about $50 Open to offers. Thanks Darby
  11. Canada
    Hey Y'all, Can any of you give me some insight into what they have decided to do with the Touareg 3.0L TDI Emissions solution here in Canada? I have the Execline with the R-line added. I wonder how the solution or fix in Canada will affect peoples opinions of their "top of the line T-reg"...
1-12 of 12 Results