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  1. For Sale: Touareg Tail lights & 1 Headlight

    Hi . I am seling original touareg taillights and 1 headlamp for a 2003 VW touareg. These were spare I have for the car. Offers welcome. Please let me know if anyone interested. Rafiq.
  2. Anyone know if these are stock?

    Drivers Lounge
    This is my new (to me) 07 V10 and I am wondering if these taillights are stock. I don't believe they are, but I seldom see a V10, so its hard to tell...
  3. Touareg 2 Tail Lights / Tail Lamps

    Classifieds Archive
    Hi All, Wanted to put up a quick WTB post for a set of Touareg 2 Tail Lights (darker/smoked verison). I've been looking to get a set of these for quite some time now but can't find a used set anywhere! I'm willing to swap my 2007 Touareg 1 tail lights plus cash as well. Located in...
  4. taillight trade

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    Would anyone like to trade their Treg 2 taillights for a set of first gen taillights off a 2006 Treg v8? If not an even trade let me know how much you would like on top for a trade. Thanks