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spark plugs

  1. VAG-COM Cable in the Raleigh/Triangle, NC Area?

    Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    Hello, This is my first post and I have been dealing with an issue of a broken camshaft tensioner. I finally had it replaced after waiting 3 weeks weeks and the hard engine shake went away but now there is just a slight vibration that wasn't there before. The CEL is flashing instead of staying...
  2. For Sale: Eight 4.2L V8 OEM NGK Spark Plugs and 2 OEM Air Filters

    I ordered these online but totaled my 06 T-Reg before I could put them in. They are brand new from the dealership. I think the 04's use these as well. I paid $67 for the spark plugs. I will sell them shipped for $50. Part number 101905616 I paid $36 ($18x2) for the Air Filters, I will...
  3. Old Plugs

    Old Plugs

  4. Help!! Touareg V6 2008 engine shudders, no power on acceleration. Spark plug problem?

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi I just got my Touareg washed at a service station. I live in the UAE so over here it is a trend to spray the engine with a mixture of oil and water after a wash(don't ask me why). Anyway I never get it done but this time the guy used the spray without informing me. By the time I noticed it...
  5. Check Engine Light on - Codes: P2189, P2187, P0300, P0305

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Vehicle Details Year: 2004 Model: Touareg Engine: 3.2 V6 Miles: 114,000 Suspension: Spring Diagnosis: I have replaced all 6 coil packs (pre & post VW Recall in the past year). Installed new NGK Spark Plugs and my check engine light is still flashing these codes. Codes that keep coming back...
  6. Help Changing '04 Plugs and coil packs

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Ok so I really do not know how to change the coil packs in my '04 Touareg V6. I know how to change spark plugs, but coil packs are a new thing for me. Could anyone please offer me some help in changing the plugs and coil packs. Also, do I need wires as well or do the coil packs cover that...