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  1. Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    Hi all, I have a 2013 V6 Treg with 200k on the clock, which has been serviced regularly. (oil change every 7000k etc) I am using the car for towing and for majority of times. (traveling fulltime) just wanna make sure I stay away from any unforeseen issue. wondering if there is any easy way for...
  2. Diesel Engines | R5, V6, V8, V10, R50 TDI
    Hey everybody or 2010 touareg had a boost leak due to intecooler hose having a hole in it. I had both intercooler pipes replaced today but my car is in some lip/safe mode so when I try to acdelerate it gos very slowly. I don't have my hex+can cable anymore so I used a cheap can bus ecu scanner...
1-2 of 2 Results