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  1. 2010 TDI - Showing S1 on Dash - Shift to P or N

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi all, I drove into my driveway this evening and am stuck. Display says its in S1, however if I try and start it, it says shift to Park or Neutral. Tried several times, no luck. Finally I was able to take the key out, however its still showing S1 and I can't start it. Vag shows the following...
  2. 200,000 mile report - 2011 T3 3.0 TDI Sport

    General Maintenance & Repair
    The Touareg turned 200,000 miles today. Not much to report. The main thing I want some feedback on is the transmission. The 5 --> 6 upshift seems to have RPM flare, meaning the engine speed bumps around 50 RPM higher than it seems like it should, before the shift is completed. The flare...
  3. 04 / 05 Valve Bodies bad all along ???

    Gas/Electric/Hybrid/Powertrain | V6, V8, W12, FSI
    I was continuing my never-ending search for closure on why so many 04 and 05 Touaregs and Cayennes are valve body nightmares. Over the years there have been many great theories from oil on the wires to faulty thermostats on the cooler to the need for "TCM" flashes or even just a good old reset...
  4. Ignition Key Non-removal.

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Newest problem for me is not being able to remove the key. Currently with the key in the park position and the key on I can't shift the gear selector w/o depressing the brake pedal. However turn the key off and I can shift to every position. Right now the shifter lock button is locked in and...
  5. Tiptronic Shifting problems

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I have an '04 V6 T'reg with approximately 60K miles. Recently the shifter / trans may be experiencing some issues. When putting the trans into D the dash indicator goes into 6 5 4 3 2 1, even when not in the "manual" shift mode. If I do move the shifter over into the manual area I can't get...