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  1. For Sale: Parting 2008

    Parting ways with my 2008 V6 Touareg. Just rolled over 70k miles. I am the second owner. Bought it late 2010 with almost 40k miles. 30,000 miles in three years, not bad! Just had its 70k service done. Brakes replaced. Tires still good for about a year. Runs solid. Near perfect exterior/interior...
  2. looking to buy Treg-diesel or fuel?

    Australia & New Zealand
    Hi All, Im new to this site and thought it would be good to post a 'looking to buy' thread here just incase someone is ready to sell theirs! After lots of test drives and looking you just cant seem to beat the touaregs in looks and extras so me and my husband have finally decided to purchase a...