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seat memory

  1. Passenger Seat Memory

    I am considering trying to add passenger seat memory to my TDI executive. Aside from the trim and door switch, do you think it will be just be a matter of coding? Can anyone speak to whether or not the car requires an additional module? or if the wiring might be in place? Thanks!
  2. Key-seat memory pairing 2013 TDI Exec

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Hello All. Has anyone been able to activate key-seat memory pairing on a 2013? The dealership shop foreman is convinced that this should be possible. I have not been able to do it, despite numerous attempts and careful attention to the manual. The dealer's people couldn't do it, even after...
  3. New Touareg question.

    New Member Introductions
    Just picked up my new 2011. I had an 2007 Q7 and traded for my Toureg. I have a question. I no longer have memory seats but when I get in my Touareg it seems like the seats have been reclined to where they were when I picked it up. Is there a way to set the keyfob to remember seat position? Any...
  4. Key-seat pairing problem '12 Treg

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    My ability to follow German translated into English is usually pretty good, but I cannot seem to get the key to pair with seat memory 1 on my 2012 Touareg. Is there some trick to this that is not apparent from the manual?