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  1. RNS510 Sd card reader problem??

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I got my wife a new camera, and decided to try the new 32GB SD card in my RNS510 before ordering a couple more. The card went in and worked fine, but when I tried to extract it, it didn't come out. Trying to extract it, I must have used a little to much force and pushed the card and it's...
  2. How to copy music, MP3s and Nav DVD to Hard Disk?

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Hi, I'm a newbie here and a newbie to my '08 V10. My Touareg only seems to support up to 2GB SD cards and I want more. I also want to use the in-dash DVD player for music. So a few questions I couldn't find the answers to searching here: - Can I copy music to the ~18GB hard drive in the...