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  1. MY13 V6 Flat spot?

    Drivers Lounge
    Hi guys I have a MY13 V6TDI that has 165K on the dial. It's been a fantastic journey so far (apart from a seat issue just after we acquired it). My problem this time is what appears to be a flat spot on take off, just after the Start-Stop kicks in. The scenario: Cold morning (-2 here today)...
  2. New Safety Pack for Touareg

    Some cars are designed to go off the beaten track and the Touareg is definitely one of them. Here at Travall we know how difficult it can be to keep your car in top condition, especially if you are travelling with pets or cargo in the boot. Dirt and dust can easily creep in and soon your pride...
  3. Rollover sensor system - COOL

    Drivers Lounge
    Dear Touareg owners! I know now - VW Touareg is a right choice.. It has Rollover Sensor System for its air bag curtains. Please see my Land Cruiser 120 Prado story - this is what happens if a SUV doesn't have a system like this.. Please feel free...
  4. Tire load rating story and request for advice

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I posted this on vwvortex also. This is my first posting here. Be easy on me. :) Important questions are at the bottom. I went to Sam's Club today to get the tires rotated since it is cheap and they have done it before. I have a V8 with 19" wheels. It only costs $16. I went back to pick up...