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  1. Please help me before I go mad: RNS510 in a 2004 chimera

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Hello fellow Treggers. Please help me as I'm about to lose my mind. My troubles began when I bought my 2004 V8. I know I know. Upgraded with factory parts when the Nav's CD-ROM failed and VWOA agreed to upgrade me to an RNS-2 DVD version. This worked well! Some years ago I upgraded to a...
  2. RNS510 for 2009-10 Touareg...Where can I find one??

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Hello...Owner of a 2010 Touareg TDi that came equipped with factory Dynaudio and RNS510. I am seeing so many pop up on eBay left and right but they are your more rounded out versions that are made for cars and Tiguans I believe. Not compatible with Touareg which is like an exact Rectangle...
  3. RNS510 Experts: Which Version RNS on 2009 US Touareg?

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    It's been a while since i've posted here, so let me start by saying this is the greatest vehicle community supported by one of the best SUV's of all time! I have a 2008 V8 with 110K miles on it (original owner), and wouldn't have wanted anything different. This truck has towed boats, climbed...
  4. For Sale: US Spec RNS510 for T1,T2

    Nearly flawless condition US Spec RNS-510. I've had it for a few months, but I'm planning something else for the ICE, so this unit has to go. As you well know, these are nearly impossible to find and are NLA at the dealer. More pics once I have the unit out of the truck. For those of you...
  5. Rear Camera Issue - Intermittent on Screen RNS510

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I just finished retrofitting a camera to my RNS 510 and after finally hooking up the wiring, the camera comes on the screen when I go in reverse but it flickers to a black screen and back to the image. It is intermittent, sometimes it stays on for a long time, sometimes it just flickers real...
  6. Want to Buy: Repaire RNS510

    Hello. I'm looking for RNS510 for fixing my RNS510. I need to replace DVD drive. If you have RNS510 which is broken, I'm interested in. Please send PM with your price. 2010 Touareg LUX pkg with RNS 510. Thank you
  7. Touareg V10 Dynaudio Sound upgrade to RNS 510

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Hello Everyone, I'm new here but I read a lot of upgrading my further MFD 2 to RNS 510. My Touareg V10, 2007, individual is I think the last built whitout RNS 510 but with Dynaudio sound System. As I understood it will be no problem to upgrade to RNS 510 (for shore if I have Can Bus 2.0). Do I...
  8. RNS510 Sd card reader problem??

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I got my wife a new camera, and decided to try the new 32GB SD card in my RNS510 before ordering a couple more. The card went in and worked fine, but when I tried to extract it, it didn't come out. Trying to extract it, I must have used a little to much force and pushed the card and it's...
  9. RNS510 - Satelite - no fix

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Just wondering if anyone has had any issues with the satnav unit acquiring satelite fixes. It consistently shows 10 - 12 available, and often 10 -20 minutes with no fix. I've had a tomtom before that acquired a fix in a minute or so and seemed to hold it for the most part. Wondering if there is...
  10. Media choices for 09 Touareg...

    Australia & New Zealand
    Can anyone give me some help with updating the media options in my 09 Touareg? I want to install a sat nav with ipod connectivity (titles/playlists etc) and bluetooth for my phone. Having read quite a few threads on many VW forums here and abroad i'm utterly confused. I have a couple of...
  11. Error RNS510 VAG Com

    Hi friends. It turns out that a few months ago I rode in the touareg RNS510 and pass the vag I get these errors Address 09: Cent. Elect. Labels: 7L6-937-049.lbl Part No: 7L6 937 049 M Component: 3002 Coding: 0103676 Shop #: WSC 00149 572 65785 1 Fault Found 00907 - Intervention load...
  12. Aftermarket nav for 2010 model.

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I have been in contact with and to ask about using their head units in my 2010 model, found here and here.: The response that I have gotten back is that the steering wheel and MFD are not supported for the 2010 model, currently. Is there anyone that has experience...
  13. Navi


  14. RNS 510 not seeing SD card or reading MP3 from DVD

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I have just purchased a V10 dated Dec 2007 and was very happy to see it looks like it has the RNS 510. The problem I have is I cannot select the HDD as source, assume this is as it has not music on it. I tried putting some WMA files on an SD card but this doesn't seem to get read and a CD...
  15. Rns510