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    I have a brand new set of T2 rear headrests in Anthracite for the T2's OEM Touareg DVD Headrest Kit 7L6-063-500-NVV Anthracite (Gray) Nappa Leather A friend of mine in Germany purchased this for me, and I was going to use them in my T3, until a set popped up on here. According to him this is...
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    This is what I've got.!AsJy1XHHed_2ieMJsRYMaKmOBPl3-g I'm at a loss.
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    US-spec RNS-510 for VW Touareg. Excellent condition. Package includes all wiring and necessary accessories 9W3 Bluetooth module (all wiring and VW mic), MDI module for iPod integration (all wiring and adapter), CAN-bus adapter wiring for cluster integration(MFD), steering wheel control, GPS...
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    I'll let the pics talk first: MDI, adapter, trim for mic in center console Bluetooth module: Mic: CAN adapter (the latest, as-discussed here: Harness for Bluetooth & MDI (combined harness): GPS puck: Trim for...
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    Just got an '08 Touareg V6 with the Delta Radio. I'm looking to upgrade to HOPEFULLY something factory like the RNS-510 or RNS2. The biggest thing I miss in my car is Bluetooth and Bluetooth streaming. I'd consider an after market system but the only thing that looks halfway decent is the new...
1-5 of 6 Results