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  1. General Maintenance & Repair
    I just received a pretty cheap wireless reverse camera I bought (made to replace one of the plate lights) since I already replaced the old navi unit for an android one it's all set to have a cam fitted. Thinking it's way too cheap to not be a disappointment but what the hell, might as well try...
  2. Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    Hi has anyone taped the reverse camera or reverse lights at the dash with the RNS850? I have a carplay box which doesn’t require canbus connectivity just a 12v signal when to switch to reverse camera or sensors.
  3. General Maintenance & Repair
    Last week they turned off the analog TV signal here in Queensland, so now the TV in my 2004 Treg has no signal. Is it possable to add a digital reciever? or is there another way to make the tv recieve digital? Also, I see reversing cameras on Ebay for Touaregs. are these easy to install and will...
1-3 of 3 Results