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  1. General Maintenance & Repair
    Hey, guys I just recently purchased my 08 v6 TDI egg which is in fantastic condition. However, one issue that I have found is with the interior front passenger's door handle, the exterior works fine. It takes two pulls to unlock it when every other door handle only takes one pull. On the first...
  2. General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi all, I have a 2007 Touareg V8 that needs a bit of mechanical attention that is beyond my capabilities. Just wondering if there is a friendly Touareg mechanic lurking around the forums that might be available to help a brother out with some expertise in replacing the oil cooler + seal without...
  3. General Maintenance & Repair
    Hello all, I was pulling my camper this weekend and it started too shake/rattle at about 65+ MPH the car. Further looking into it I believe it's the rear Ujoint, if I'm wrong please advise me too what it might be ( it doesn't do this unless pulling the camper as well ). Does anyone know where I...
  4. General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi all, I'm going to be replacing my O2 sensor on my 2008 2.5L BPE. Will I have to programme anything on VCDS like with a pressure sensor? If so how would I do this? Thanks, Jake.
  5. General Maintenance & Repair
    Hello All, I am new to the vw family. I just bought a 2016 vw touareg today and I have a few questions about the warranty. So the price was a pretty heft at 6500 for four years and I am now starting to think it was not worth it since doing more research has shown that people have very little...
  6. Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    Hello fellas, I need some honest advice in regards to whether I should keep my 2013 Treg V6 Executive (gas, in the U.S., with 76K miles) or sell it. I just spent over $1,000 to replace all 4 rotors and brake pads plus 1 bad tire pressure monitoring sensor. Now the front wheels make cracking...
  7. General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi friends I'm located in Costa Rica, and there's a bunch of stuff I need for my 2004 6V. What's the best place to buy parts online for my car? I know I'll have to figure the shipping, but I have to buy a bunch of stuff. Thanks so much! :nerd:
  8. Australia & New Zealand
    T3 now showing it's age with several small pin dents all around :frown2: - blame it on all the crazy people parking next to mine >:) Any experience with a DIY PDR tool or a specialist in Sydney?
  9. General Maintenance & Repair
    Hello out there, I've recently had difficulty with my Alternator in my Touareg - the battery/alternator notification displayed after a 25km drive and smoke began emitting from my hood. I took it in to get checked at a local auto shop, asked if they had the right tools to diagnose the problem...
  10. Diesel Engines | R5, V6, V8, V10, R50 TDI
  11. Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    Hi everyone, I have a strange problem with my Touareg 06, and I'd kindly ask you to give me some advice/opinion or just share some experience. In last month I have gone to the VW repair shop 5 times and am beggining to lose my mind and also quite some money: 1. I went to change tires from snow...
  12. General Maintenance & Repair
    Tried searching the forums for an answer to no avail, and I am pretty new so I apologize if I missed this in another thread. Driving home about an hour ago, and I adjusted the amount of recline. When I leaned it back a little bit, the seat decided to go all the way down and now wont come back...
  13. Canada
    What is / are good repair shops in Calgary for a 2008 V8 Touareg? Thanks!
  14. Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    This is a link that should be a sticky... it is a solution only in the event of an emergency when you get caught on the road with a carrier bearing for your drive shaft going bad and you are in a pickle to get it up and driving to get it back for a proper service and replacement. It requires...
  15. General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi, I have just been hit with the dreaded prop shaft bearing problem, and luckily I have managed to find a company that will take my old propshaft, sort it out and return it. The only thing is that this is going to take a few days and the mechanic that's taking the propshaft off and putting it...
  16. General Maintenance & Repair
    I drive a 2008 V6 Treg and the driveshaft bearing gave out on me unexpectedly on the freeway yesterday. From these forums I've learned that this is very typical for the V6 anytime after 60,000 miles, but mine hasn't even hit 40,000. The worst part of it is, my car is no longer under warranty as...
  17. Commercial Posts
    We are excited to announce that we are in the process of moving to a new, larger location in Shrewsbury, NJ. We expect to be fully operational by the 1st of June 2012 and look forward to providing you with the highest level of service and repair work at our new place of business. We...
  18. General Maintenance & Repair
    searched the forums for Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) info and all I could find were some old posts, e.g., and
  19. General Maintenance & Repair
    Hello everyone, we just bought a 2010 Touareg TDI and I am looking to find a technical manual for the suv. In the past, we purchased the Bentley manual and it was decent...the paperback was much better then the cd. Do people still use Bentley as their main source for technical repairs? or is...
  20. General Maintenance & Repair
    I did a battery change to my Touareg and the radio was decoded,then I encoded it again and the system was updated successfully, but there wasn't audio. What I have to do?
1-20 of 26 Results