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  1. Oil filler neck removal (no bolts)

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi! Does anybody know how to remove this type of oil filler neck? Older versions of similar necks were fastened onto the valve cover with 3 bolts that went through the bottom plate of the neck, but this has obviously no bolts. I suspect it's using by some kind of turn-lock mechanism, but...
  2. 2014 Touareg radio

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I bought a replacement radio / Nav unit for my 2014 Touareg, but can't figure out how to remove the stock unit. Any help would be appreciated.
  3. V10 EGR system removal

    Diesel Engines | R5, V6, V8, V10, R50 TDI
    Hello Touareg lovers I have a V10 that has no legal requirement for the EGR system. I have heard of EGR delete on other engines with claimed performance increases and reduced need to clean the intake system. My question to you all is, solely from a performance/economy perspective should I want...
  4. Door handle removal

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hey there, Im in the middle of wrapping my 2005 touareg, and want to take the door handles out to get a better finish, but i can only find guides for kessy system handles. I've taken off the covers but i am now faced with this.... If someone could shine some light on this for me it...
  5. Instrument cluster removal

    General Maintenance & Repair
    HEllo all. I have and Australian 2005 Touareg, and the display has dulled off in the centre of the instrument cluster. Putting my electronics tech hat on i suspect the heat in the car has damaged the display, but i am struggling to get the cluster out.. Could someone point me in the right...
  6. scratch removal on plastic part of fender and etc

    Hello, Treg w/ less than 500 miles was scraped by damn garage door on the side (arm type garage arm) now in addition to the paint, the gray, plastic part of fender is scraped and I wonder if wet sanding can fix the problem. I tried finding online but there is no mention on the plastic part. I...
  7. Looking for Reare VW emblem removal how-to

    Touareg Exterior Mods
    After many many searches I'm breaking down and asking for help. Can someone please point me to some instructions as to removing the rear V emblem for painting? Thanks, Ryan