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remote start

  1. Remote Starter 2104 Touareg R-line

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I have searched and it still isn't clear if I can get a remote starter installed in my 14 R-line Touareg. The car has 13K miles on it so we still have remaining factory warranty and a 100K extended warranty that can't be effected by any installation of something like this. That said we really...
  2. 2012 Touareg Remote Start

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hey everyone. I know there are tons of threads on here regarding the install of remote start systems on the Touareg's, however I wanted to start a new one on an install option I have found through a tech at a well known local shop that installs remote starts in all vehicles for all of our...
  3. Remote Start & Alarm for our Touaregs

    Mobile Electronics and In Car Entertainment
    I have a 2006 Vw touareg and Im a certified installer - Me and my friend installed a viper 5901 system with remote start into my touareg with no issues. It went very smoothly and gives me no problems. We are starting to do them for other people on the east coast now. Price starts at $1,500...