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  1. Australia & New Zealand
    Hi Everyone, I did do a search and I got 30 pages and while I looked through and read a lot it's confused me even more. So I have a 2017 adventure model which does not have a towbar or tow module, so if you guys had the choice what towbar and module would you guys install? What I'm trying to...
  2. Australia & New Zealand
    A summary of what you should expect from your Touareg when the correct towing module is installed. Happy to append to this if I have missed something! The genuine VW tow modules does the following: Disables side assist (blind spot warning - this uses part of the rear sensors) This function...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Just thought I’d introduce myself. I live in Michigan which is located in The States. I had a 2010 TDI until it was totaled by a careless driver that went thru a red light. It had a Malone stage 2 tune (280 hp) with DPF delete. Now I have a 2015 LUX TDI. So far it has an APR stage 1 tune...
1-3 of 3 Results