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  1. Poll: Should defective Touareg headlights be a safety recall?

    Drivers Lounge There are wires that are way over 50 years old in houses that are still original. There are cars from the 1950's that are still using the original wiring harness. Insulation does not just fall off. Unless you happen to have VW Touareg headlights. >:) You...
  2. NEw 2004 Recall? CA DMV Proof of correction for Treg Reg.

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I live in Lake County, California. The registration renewal notice on 2004 V-8 just came in and it says I can't renew over the internet because of a "Manufacturer Recall #P1" and "Proof of Correction Certificate Required. Contact your local dealership for free repair. Problems call ARB...