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powertrain data bus

  1. ALL of these codes appeared overnight. Transmission, Steering Angle Sensor, ABS, Transfer Case, Instrument Cluster. wtf..

    Engine, Transmission and Exhaust
    Hope everyones healthy, bored, and dieing for a good troubleshoot! Ive got a 2007 3.6 Touareg I went to move away from the garage so i could take my wifes out to pick her up from the airport, and the extra chimes and lights started up. I noticed i didnt hear the shift lock disengage when i...
  2. Fault Messages HELP!

    General Maintenance & Repair
    HELP ME PLEASE. I want to purchase this 04 Touareg and everything checked out fine except these issues. I need help identifying these isses. I wanted to know what these issues mean and how much i should expect to pay for each. Thanks Guys 18104 - Powertrain Data Bus: Inmpluasible Message from...