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  1. General Maintenance & Repair
    I had problems with my parking sensors so I had 2 replaced but we then found out that possibly the PDC control unit (7L0919283D for my Touareg 2004 3.2 V6) is faulty...or it's broken wires which could be worse. I would like to know if it is difficult to replace this unit and how to do it? I...
  2. General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi, I've been trying to locate the origin of my rear PDC problem. When I change the gear to R, two red lights appear to the each side of the pdc screen. I detached the rear bumber and listened to the sensors and found out that only two of them actually made some sound so I figured out that...
  3. Touareg Exterior Mods
    I am interested in adding front and rear parking sensors to my 2013 VW Touareg TDI Lux - has anyone done this? I can easily add rear only (operated when the car is in reverse) but don't know how will the front be activated. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. BTW, the Touareg is in New York...
  4. Drivers Lounge
    Picked up a 2011 TDI Lux and I love it. The only thing I'm missing are the parking sensors from my '04. Is PDC something the dealer can install after the fact? The integration with the RNS 850 looks slick!
1-4 of 4 Results