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  1. Vw Touareg 2008 7L v6 Tdi location blacktown nsw

    Forum members price $3k Engine not running everything else functions Found water in the oil pan so yeh it would suit parts or rebuild just dont have space to part it out
  2. UPDATE: GONE - Driving Parts Vehicle - 2004 V10 187k mi.

    After going down too many dead end road before getting a final verdict (bad rings and/or cylinder wall in the #10 cylinder) I'm trying to sell what should have been an awesome vehicle. So disappointed it's turned out this way - sitting mockingly in the garage for longer than I ever drive it...
  3. Flooded

    Drivers Lounge
    Hey all - Lost my 2008 Treg V8 last week in flash flooding. While I wait on the ins company to propose some pitiful settlement, I was wondering if anyone out there would be interested in the carcass. Located in Greensboro, NC. It's the 4.2 V8 with 88,7xx miles; brand new (2k miles) Michelin...
  4. For Sale: NEAR FREE - Selling 2004 V6 in Boston FOR PARTS

    Hello, My car is a 2004 V6 (last 5 of VIN: 24970). It cannot pass MA state inspection because it needs a dreaded flex-pipe repair (estimates are $1700-2300). It has 140K miles. It is time for this car to go to car heaven. I am the second owner, but I have owned it since 9K miles, since...
  5. Need to buy many parts online, where to buy

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hi friends I'm located in Costa Rica, and there's a bunch of stuff I need for my 2004 6V. What's the best place to buy parts online for my car? I know I'll have to figure the shipping, but I have to buy a bunch of stuff. Thanks so much! :nerd:
  6. Swap: 2004 6Cyl touareg for parts

    I have an 04 6yl no air ride touareg for parts runs and drives .. interior rough, 17in tires, big brakes , no front bumper...Sell parts trade? im looking for wheels? rear locker? lets talk ..i live in north Alabama.
  7. Taking own parts to mechanic - Melbourne

    Australia & New Zealand
    I've searched around the Net on this issue and can see why some workshops don't like people bringing their own parts, but I was wondering if anybody knows of a workshop in Melbourne that would be ok with this? The reason for this is the amount of money I can save in buying my parts from my mate...
  8. For Sale: Motivated to sell 2008

    Alright everyone. This is my last post on here to sell my 2008 v6 Touareg. 71,500 miles, Lux edition. Black exterior, brown leather interior. Never taken off-road, minimal towing (single trailer jet ski), non smoker. I am taking it to a dealer this coming week to get rid of it. I am going back...
  9. Want to Buy: '04 Touareg Parts (multiple)

    Just picked up a used '04 touareg that seems to be missing a few cosmetic pieces. Trying to restore to original. Want to buy: (1) Rear beige headrests (right and left) (2) Cargo Nets (left wall/right wall/trunk floor) (3) Front and rear floor mats (all weather or OEM Carpet) (4) First Aid Kit...
  10. For Sale: (Still) For Sale 2008 Touareg

    Hello again! I still have for sale my 2008 V6 T2. I am located in Portland, Oregon so I am hoping to sell it near here, but am willing to travel/meet up. I am asking 20,500 OBO. Looking to move it, so don't be afraid to make an offer! last five of vin#:03162 Here is my link to photos...
  11. For Sale: 05 Factory OEM Stereo w/ GTA Car Kit for iDevice & removal keys

    Recently upgraded my system to a Sony unit and saved the factory unit as I'm sure someone can make good use of it. It's from a 05 Touareg with the 10 speaker, no navigation-type system w/o external amplifier. Hard to find online, and I've scoured EBay trying to find a price comparison. So, with...
  12. Service Center in UAE

    I got a touareg few days ago and i am looking for a service center to have a look at it and see what changes that need to be done, can anyone recommend a center besides AlNaboodah?
  13. Need a little Help please =)

    General Maintenance & Repair
    I bought this 2004 V8 AWD Touareg in july, its October and I've replaced the thermostat (whole kit), water pump, timing belt and now the car is making a winding noise! I was told it was a drive shaft by a mechanic. Is this a common problem in touaregs? Granted it is an older vehicle and I...
  14. aftermarket exhaust

    Iv had my 06 v8 for a while and now i want to put an aftermarket exhaust on it. I have tried to find something from magnaflow and such but could not find any to go with my vehicle. Im in saskatchewan Canada, any clues on were I could get some. Thanks.
  15. Importing parts from US/Europe

    Australia & New Zealand
    Hi guys, been looking at buying various parts like filters, brake pads, ignition coils, plugs, triple square bits etc etc from shops in the US but an having problems finding ones that deliver to Australia directly. Any recommendations? Just been quoted $600 -$750 for my next service including...
  16. Want to Buy: WTB - 06 Touareg drivers mirror (black?)

    Parts: 2, 4, 5, 6, 11, & 12 For an 06 Touareg. LMK ASAP (and maybe part 13 if it's black) email: [email protected]
  17. Power steering pump - quoted £670 to fix, is that the going rate?

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Just bought my '07 3.0L Altitude a month ago and the power steering pump is leaking. I have been quoted £670.00 for parts and labour from a main dealer. Is this about right or can I get it done cheaper with non VW parts? And if so, where from?:(
  18. Who's done more mileage than me??

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Hey Guys, Im doing an average 200km a day 5 times a week....i have an R5 2005....clocked about 171,000 in about just less than 4 years.Amazing thing is the only local agent here (where i have serviced the car all awhile) has only changed few wear & tear part every time i service my treg....Oil...
  19. So Long and Thanks from TregCentral...

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Unfortunately, about 3 months ago, after 6 years in business, VW/Audi came after us for copyright infringement and, while short of filing a lawsuit, threatened us with enough monetary damages to require us to comply and give them our (4) domain names and remove any potentially infringing...
  20. 2004-2006 OEM VW Touareg Ski Racks. OEM Adapter Included

    Classifieds Archive
    Genuine OEM Used 2004-2006 Volkswagen VW Touareg Deluxe Sliding Ski and Snowboard Rack (Volkswagen Part Number: 1T0-071-129). It is in execellent condition. It will ncludes the Roof Rack Adapter Kit (Volkswagen Part Number: 7L0071270S) which the Touareg requires. - Yellow Circles. Ski...