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  1. Rear Pagid Brake Pads And Rotor

    Rear Pagid Brake Pads And Rotor

    Pagid brake parts
  2. Pagid Break Pads and Sebro Rotors....Good combination?

    General Maintenance & Repair
    Since I could not find a steal on Zimmermann Rotors, I researched some Sebro rotors and bought them over Balo rotors. I saw many threads with members who loved Pagid break pads, so I purchased them for pads. I wanted to ask the members, if they heard anything good or bad about Sebro rotors...
  3. Aftermarket F/R rotors, pads, hardware, and sensors now!

    Commercial Posts
    Hello, fellow Touareg owners! Front or Rear Caliper Hardware kits are now stocked at a fraction of the dealer's price! Front and Rear brake wear sensors are now in stock for immediate delivery at the lowest prices in the market! I am offering the Italian made front rotors and Wagner...