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  1. General Maintenance & Repair
    Hello all Getting the front pads, sensors and rotors replaced at the dealer on my 2011 TDI Sport. 150,000 miles. I am a satisfied customer as far as brake pad life. I drive around 80% highway, 15% local roads/streets and 5% trailering a 3000 pound boat+trailer with full load of fishing gear...
  2. Commercial Posts
    * NEW 3 Button Key Pad for Volkswagen Key Fobs * Fits All Switchblade Flip Keys! Replace your old key pad buttons with these new ones.. 6usd shipped Click Here to Email Me
  3. Brakes, Steering, Suspension, Wheels and Tires
    Hi All, It's time for me to do the brakes on my '05 V8 Treg (with air suspension - not sure if that makes a difference). I'm looking for brake pad recommendations. I bought it with 40k miles, and it now has 50k miles and the brake pad light just came on. I'm not sure if these are the...
  4. Brake Parts

    brake pads
1-4 of 4 Results