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  1. Colorado Touareg 4x4 Rally
    Are there any Rally plans in the making for Summer 2013 on the West Coast?
  2. Colorado Touareg 4x4 Rally
    Arrival Day A few of us early arrivals enjoyed an afternoon running Corkscrew and a mine at the far north end of Ross Basin. We did try a trail that at one time connected with Sunnyside Saddle - but ended at an avalanche field. Some played in the snow while others tried a hand at talus...
  3. Colorado Touareg 4x4 Rally
    Keeping watching this thread for a expected announcement regarding the 2008 Colorado Touareg 4x4 Rally in Ouray, CO! Any 2008 Rally discussion and questions can also be posted below.
1-3 of 3 Results